Plataforma de servicios RealAccess

La información es poder. Controle, analice y optimice su solución de colaboración de vídeo. Multiplique la rentabilidad de su inversión con la nueva plataforma de servicios RealAccess™ de Polycom®.

Polycom innovates in our services offerings just as we innovate in products and technologies. The Polycom RealAccess Services Delivery Platform is one such innovation.

Polycom RealAccess is a secure, cloud-based services delivery platform that connects Polycom with our partners and customers. Polycom RealAccess service delivery platform brings the power of actionable information to bear on complex business processes. Innovative apps and service offerings open access to important actionable information and resources creating unique value for all participants.

  • Customers receive new insight into their video analytics and investments which drive increased effectiveness in collaboration and decision making.
  • Partners receive elevated clarity around the needs of their customers while utilizing access to Polycom resources to help create offers and services that increase revenue, profitability and customer satisfaction.
  • Polycom unlocks a rich set of customer and partner data that will be used to optimize our solutions and delivery process leading toward increased value and effectiveness of our services portfolio.

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Polycom Services Portfolio

This brochure provides an overview of the portfolio of services available from Polycom


Polycom RealAccess Services and Delivery Platform ...

This data sheet is a good leave-behind for customers who are interested in the RealAccess services