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Intelligent Energy Fast Tracks Development of Clean Energy Solutions

The need for efficient and clean energy is a problem faced on a global scale. This is a problem that Intelligent Energy, world renowned for its modular, low-carbon fuel cell systems, is looking to tackle head-on by accelerating the global commercialization and market demand for cleaner, more environmentally-friendly products.

Intelligent Energy is at the cutting edge of hydrogen fuel cell technology, recognized as one of Britain's 100 Fastest Growing Technology Firms by The Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100. The British company is transforming the global consumer, automotive and stationary power markets through innovative and exciting projects including telecommunications towers, zero-emission vehicles and personal charging devices like the Upp.

As a global company, with over 300 employees located in the UK, US, Japan and India, it faced the challenge of how to connect its dispersed network of engineers. With geography, time zones and differing cultures to contend with, the team saw a need to eliminate collaboration silos. The use of Polycom solutions has been integral in fast-tracking product development, allowing the engineers to effectively discuss complex CAD designs and schematics.

Intelligent Energy also collaborates with customers in real-time over video conferencing from early on in the design process, often connecting four different sites at once. This negates the need for customer visits, saving time and money for both parties and resolves issues far quicker than sending pictures and drawings over e-mail.

Benefits across the entire business

As well as the engineers, video conferencing has been instrumental across every line of business, allowing the teams to make informed decisions more quickly and help reduce time to market to drive revenue growth. It has also facilitated face-to-face meetings with customers and partners and assisted in fostering a culture of collaboration.

The integration of Microsoft Lync and Polycom RealPresence video solutions, powered by the Polycom RealPresence Platform, has facilitated collaboration from conference rooms, desktops and mobile applications, ensuring teams can communicate effectively across the globe 24 hours a day.

"We have teams and offices around the world," said Intelligent Energy's Group Business Development Director, Julian Hughes. "We have found there is no better way to defy distance than to have a face-to-face conversation using video conferencing. It has allowed us to go to market faster and given us a clear competitive advantage, as demonstrated by the recent successful launch of UppTM, our game changing personal energy device."

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